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Elevate circular polypropylene

The Elevate brand of products is designed to help reduce the environmental impact of your products by diverting plastic and other materials from landfills and incineration while maintaining the performance and quality expected of polypropylene materials.

For companies looking to Elevate their environmental efforts, Pinnacle Polymers offers a strategic partnership and innovative solutions for each customer to incorporate post-consumer materials in their finished products that contribute to a more circular economy.

Discover more below on Exist, Extract, & Extend. 

exist circular polypropylene
Bio-Attributed Polypropylene

Elevate Exist

Elevate Exist signifies a commitment to renewable resources and reduction of CO2 emissions. Exist is polypropylene produced with circular bio attributed materials that already Exist in the environment such as used cooking oil. The Exist products have technical properties equivalent to current fossil-based virgin resins.

Chemical Recycled Polypropylene

Elevate Extract

Elevate Extract is derived from the chemical process that breaks down plastic waste to the molecular level. This process enables the ability to Extract valuable feedstock from the plastic waste, which is repurposed to create virgin-quality polypropylene.

Elevate Extract Circular Polypropylene
Elevate Extend Circular Polypropylene
Mechanically Recycled Polypropylene

Elevate Extend

Elevate Extend offers an alternative to 100% virgin-based polypropylene by including the customer required amount of mechanically reprocessed post-consumer polypropylene waste. This brand not only Extends the lifespan of plastic but also supports environmental conservation by reducing the volume of plastic waste and the demand for new plastic production.

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