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Developing solutions for your polypropylene needs.

“It is our vision to actively build a better future by reducing our environmental footprint to zero, taking care of our people and those around us, and doing business in a transparent, ethical way.”

Introducing Our Circular Polypropylene Solutions. 

Elevate Circular Polypropylene Solutions

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Pinnacle's homopolymer, impact copolymer and random copolymer are all proven performers. With years of technical experience, we provide a nimble, flexible and responsive buying process, delivering polypropylene for your specific application needs. 

Circular Polypropylene Solutions

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Our data sheets give you easy access to our complete product range, allowing you to choose the perfect product for your needs.


Why Choose Pinnacle?

As a lean polypropylene manufacturer, Pinnacle delivers a superb product from a strategic location with excellent customer service. We help our customers compete and thrive in a challenging business environment.

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We specialize in polypropylene, which allows us to bring the highest quality of resins to the market.



Pinnacle is a nimble and responsive company that can provide customizable solutions. 



Our proven and measurable quality is delivered from batch to batch.

Help us in shaping sustainable living, together!

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At Pinnacle, we're proud of our Louisiana heritage. The unique culture that characterizes New Orleans, Baton Rouge and South Louisiana is reflected in our company culture. Just like the region, Pinnacle is in a class of its own. Our goal is to bring this atmosphere into the workplace to have a positive impact on our people and our environment.


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