Random Copolymers

Clearer end-products with a reduced molding temperature.
These types of copolymer have improved color performance and visual properties.

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Caps & Closures

for bottles and containers of all sizes.

Caps & Closures

Food Packaging

clear food containers, sports bottles, …

Food Container

Storage Bins

clear storage containers, organizers, bins and drawers, …

Storage Bin
Why Pinnacle Polymers Meets Your Specific Needs

Physical Properties

Pinnacles 5000 and 6000 series of Random Copolymers are thermoplastic polymers produced by the polymerization of propylene.  Random Copolymers contain a small amount of ethylene (generally less than 5%) that improves various  properties including clarity. Pinnacle’s Random Copolymer’s come in a wide range of melt flows, stiffness and impact strength. Random copolymers are used in many processing technologies including injection molding, blow molding, compression molding ,and film and sheet extrusion. Random Copolymers are used in applications where optical properties are required such as film, sheet, food bins, and medical applications. Pinnacle has also achieved a UL Environment claim validation for these products in the Random Copolymer range: 5155C3, 5155I3, 7135G3, 5120H.

If you are looking for a specific use for random copolymers, we are happy to help you find a tailor-made polypropylene solution. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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